Colombo: Espoleta retardada -Columbo: Short fuse- (1972)

Our favourite detective is a inexhaustible source of Nikon. Short fuse was the sixth chapter of the Columbo first season, where Roddy McDowall plays to Robert Stanford, a sharp chemist whose uncle pretend to fire. However, Stanford has another plans. This chapter was emited on Jenuary 19, 1972.

Colombo: Espoleta retardada

McDowall is also a photographer and uses de camera of the age, a Nikon F with standard prism and a Nikkor-H 50mm f/2 lens. In wide planes the camera does not shows any modification, but in its single short plane (Below right) a black tape covers the engraved Nikon brand. What could have happened?. One year before, in the chapter Murder by the book, a Nikon F was showed in a short plane without any tape.